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Initialize RadImageEditorUI with FileSystem Image in WPF

In this post, we would see how to open an image file from file system in WPF. The RadImageEditorUI has Open command, which would open the selected file from file system. There might… Continue reading

Convert Your WPF Application to Telerik Application

In this post, we would see; how we can convert your WPF application to Telerik Application. The conversion means to add RadControls to the existing project. Your Old WPF Project Your existing WPF… Continue reading

Create Setup and Deployment Of Wpf Application Step By Step with Visual Studio 2012

In one of my old posts I have explained step by step for creating installer file using Visual Studio 2010. “Create Setup and Deployment of WPF Application Step by Step with Visual Studio… Continue reading

Metro Character Progress Control

I have just published a custom control which would display a percentage value in the middle of a character. The character is currently of 6 types, 3 men and women types each. To… Continue reading

Metro IMDB @ Codeplex

It’s a wpf 4.5 application created in Visual Studio 2012. It uses Rest API. The application can download the titles you search for, to local disk and can search locally. The application… Continue reading

DateTime to Ago string Converter for Silverlight / WPF / Windows Phone / Windows 8

This is a converter to display a friendly time message. The value would be a DateTime type and the converter would provide the string message. Examples of Ago string message: 1 hour ago… Continue reading

Auto Wallpaper Changer

Auto Wallpaper Changer is a free to use tool. As the name says, it changes your Desktop Wallpaper automatically. You can choose your favorite folder which contains the wallpapers of following file formats:… Continue reading

Auto Power Switch

Auto Power Switch is a free to use Tool. This is a Tool that will give you the freedom of closing applications and performing Windows commands like Shut Down, Restart, Log Off, Lock,… Continue reading

Application Scheduler

Ever imagined of a tool that will run your favourite program at specific time. Guess what Application Scheduler is a perfect tool to fulfill your imagination. Add a Program that you want to… Continue reading

Cascading ListBox Using MVVM in WPF

There are certain scenarios where we need to display data in a cascading manner. Well Cascading means the values of the next Items Control object is dependent on the current Items Control selected… Continue reading

Storyboard Playing with Playlist Manager in WPF

In last article we achieved clipping videos out of the parent video. To see the article: Click Here. In this article we will see how we can play the clipped video and the… Continue reading