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Android 4.4 KitKat Wallpapers

Bing Walls 10-Dec-2013 To 16-Dec-2013 Bing Walls 03-Dec-2013 To 09-Dec-2013 Bing Walls 25-Nov-2013 To 02-Dec-2013 Bing Walls 19-Nov-2013 To 25-Nov-2013

Android Device is Offline but Connected for USB Debugging

Sometimes while you develop Android application you need to test the application in the Android Device. In this post we would see one of the issues related to Android device connection. The Problem… Continue reading

Freshly Published “Xamarin Android Application Development”

About the Book Are you new to Xamarin? Are you a C# .NET developer? Are you planning to do Android development using C#.NET? Well this book would help you from START to END… Continue reading

Book on “Xamarin Android Application Development”

Hey guys, I am writing a book on “Xamarin Android Application Development“. The book is still unpublished, but you could subscribe to it so that you would be notified when it’s published. Click… Continue reading

Xamarin – Write file to SD Card in Android

In this post we would how we write a file to SD Card in Android.   First of all, you need to set the following permission in Android Manifest.   Here is how… Continue reading

Xamarin – SeekBar control in Android

As a Windows Phone developer, it was hard to find the control in the Toolbox. Since I was searching for Slider control, thanks to the core Android guys who helped me out. In… Continue reading

Xamarin – Get Selected Items from ListView in Android

In this post we would see, how to get the selected items from the screen activity where a list of options are displayed.   The following is the layout for displaying the Multiple… Continue reading

Xamarin – Display Fixed Layout at the bottom in Android

In some design scenarios, where we would require a fixed layout at the bottom of the screen. The fixed layout may contain a set of controls. In this post, we would see how… Continue reading

Xamarin – Selective ListView in Android

In this post we would see how to display a collection in ListView and select one or many items. As we are going to have a ListView, the following is the simple layout.… Continue reading

Xamarin – Alert Dialogs in Android

In this post we would see how to display alerts, and we would see some customization.   We would see two types of Alerts, such as a simple alert which has a message,… Continue reading

Xamarin – Display Entity Collection in ListView in Android

In this post, we would display a collection of some entity in ListView. Let’s start with creating the following Person entity.   The Person entity class is located under Model.   Now let’s… Continue reading