Convert Your WPF Application to Telerik Application

In this post, we would see; how we can convert your WPF application to Telerik Application. The conversion means to add RadControls to the existing project.

Your Old WPF Project

Your existing WPF project might look like following project structure, without the necessary Telerik assemblies.


Start Converting

To convert your existing WPF project to Telerik WPF Application is very easy. Right click on the WPF project and select “RadControls for WPF” and then select “Convert to Telerik WPF Application”. Note that you must install the WPF Rad Controls to see the menu item appear as it’s showing in the following image.


Then you would be prompted with the following Project Configuration Wizard from Telerik.


You can choose to copy the referenced assemblies to the solution.


You need to select the necessary assemblies required to your project. Click Finish to complete the wizard.


Notice that, the necessary assemblies are referenced.

Hope this post is useful.

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