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Custom RadDiagramShape Step by Step for Telerik Silverlight 5 Controls

Introduction Telerik has great controls to use for any kind of application. The RadDiagram control ships with the release of Rad Controls for Silverlight 5 version. In this article we would see a… Continue reading

Expand Single Hierarchy Item in RadGridView in Silverlight 5

In this article we would see; how we can expand a single row always (collapse previous expanded) in RadGridView from Telerik in Silverlight 5. RadGridView is blessed with many LOB elegant features. One… Continue reading

Display Count of Dynamic Grouping in RadGridView in Silverlight 5

In this article we would see a simple trick for RadGridView for Silverlight 5 from Telerik. Well grouping is one of the major features of Telerik’s RadGridView. When you try to achieve the… Continue reading

Crop Image In Shape In Silverlight 4

Introduction In this article we would see, how we can crop an image with a shape. In this sample we would use a rectangle shape to crop the image. This article would be… Continue reading

Playing Youtube videos in Silverlight 5 using VLC Media Player

Introduction In this article we would see, how we could leverage the support of VLC control for playing “Youtube” videos. Requirements You need Silverlight 5 SDK installed, as VLC controls are available for… Continue reading

Application Scheduler

Ever imagined of a tool that will run your favourite program at specific time. Guess what Application Scheduler is a perfect tool to fulfill your imagination. Add a Program that you want to… Continue reading

Visual Studio Cleaner

Introduction Visual Studio Cleaner is a project to clean all the temporary files created by Visual Studio. By removing all the try-out project’s or your watched folders temporary files, you could save a… Continue reading

Create RaisePropertyChnged Property Snippet using Visual Studio 2010

Ever you wanted to create your own snippet in Visual Studio 2010. Let me guess, you think of writing xml file and all that. Well there is an easy way. Snippet Designer has… Continue reading