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Increase Battery Life with Windows Phone 8.1 Update

With the Windows Phone 8.1 update in town, it brings new look and features. But you might notice that, your battery discharges quickly after the update. One of the reason behind this is… Continue reading

WebBrowser Application Basics in Windows Phone 8

WebBrowser is a control available in Windows Phone 8 SDK, which is helpful in displaying web pages. In this post we would see about the GoBack and GoForward methods and how to have… Continue reading

Metro Colors for Windows 7 and Windows 8 for Windows Phone and Windows Store Development

Handy Tool for finding out the metro color best fit for white font color in Windows Phone and Windows Store applications. You could copy the color as RGB or ARGB and use it… Continue reading

Getting Started with Nokia Imaging SDK for Windows Phone 8

In this post we would see how we install Nokia Imaging SDK for Windows Phone 8 application. Create your application using Windows Phone templates using the Windows Phone category. Select the Windows Phone… Continue reading

Download “My Blacklist” app for Windows Phone 7

My Blacklist app for Windows Phone 7

Download “My Piggy Bank” app for Windows Phone 7

My Piggy Bank aap for Windows Phone 7

Download “My Food Food” app for Windows Phone 7


Download “Age of Items” app for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7

Download “Angry Meter” app for Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7 App.

DateTime to Ago string Converter for Silverlight / WPF / Windows Phone / Windows 8

This is a converter to display a friendly time message. The value would be a DateTime type and the converter would provide the string message. Examples of Ago string message: 1 hour ago… Continue reading

Error: Invalid or missing Rom image in Windows Phone 7

This article is about fixing the error you might get, due to some reason for Windows Phone 7 emulator. Recently, I have installed Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7, and I suspect… Continue reading