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LightSwitch Fix: Unable to load data. Please check your network connection and try loading again.

If you are a LightSwitch developer, you might have faced the error saying “Unable to load data. Please check your network connection and try again.” In this post we would one of the… Continue reading

Kendo UI Web – AutoCompleteBox

In this post we would see how we can use Kendo UI AutoCompleteBox. Before we start, you need to add the necessary javascript and stylesheet files. The following image shows that the minimum… Continue reading

Initialize RadImageEditorUI with FileSystem Image in WPF

In this post, we would see how to open an image file from file system in WPF. The RadImageEditorUI has Open command, which would open the selected file from file system. There might… Continue reading

Kendo UI Web – Changing Theme

In this post, we would see; how to change theme for Kendo UI controls. The following output shows the Metro theme for Kendo UI.   You need to copy the required css file… Continue reading

Kendo UI Web – HelloWorld!

In this post, we will see how we can kick start using the Kendo UI for Web. Create Project We will be creating an ASP.NET empty application project to demonstrate the Kendo UI… Continue reading

Convert Your WPF Application to Telerik Application

In this post, we would see; how we can convert your WPF application to Telerik Application. The conversion means to add RadControls to the existing project. Your Old WPF Project Your existing WPF… Continue reading

UX Colors – Windows Phone 8 App

UX Colors **Most Useful for** – Web Designer – Mobile app designer – Magazine page designer – Poster designer – Wallpaper designer UX Colors is a handy tool for UX Designers to instantly… Continue reading

WebBrowser Application Basics in Windows Phone 8

WebBrowser is a control available in Windows Phone 8 SDK, which is helpful in displaying web pages. In this post we would see about the GoBack and GoForward methods and how to have… Continue reading

Freshly Published Book “Xamarin iOS Application Development”

About this book Introducing Xamarin     How it works?     Installing Xamarin in Windows     Installing Xamarin in Mac     Logging in to Xamarin Account     Activating Xamarin     Xamarin iOS… Continue reading

Create Setup and Deployment Of Wpf Application Step By Step with Visual Studio 2012

In one of my old posts I have explained step by step for creating installer file using Visual Studio 2010. “Create Setup and Deployment of WPF Application Step by Step with Visual Studio… Continue reading

Android Device is Offline but Connected for USB Debugging

Sometimes while you develop Android application you need to test the application in the Android Device. In this post we would see one of the issues related to Android device connection. The Problem… Continue reading