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Toast Notification in Windows 8 XAML Application (Windows Store)

Introduction Toast Notifications is another feature of Windows 8. Using Toast Notifications, a notification message could be displayed to the user. Normally a Toast Notification is displayed on the top right side. Enabling… Continue reading

Message Dialog in Windows 8 XAML Application (Windows Store)

MessageBox.Show() Well you will not find it; if you are doing a Windows 8 XAML Application for Windows Store. Instead you have to work on MessageDialog. The all new Message Dialog is included… Continue reading

Data Template Selector in Windows 8 Metro XAML App

It has been work around to have more than one data template in a list to display the data. In Windows 8 it has been eased, WinRT introduces the DataTemplateSelector class, where we… Continue reading

FileSavePicker in Windows 8 XAML App

Introduction In the previous article we have seen the features of FileOpenPicker. In this article we would see the FileSavePicker which is in Windows 8. We have SaveFileDialog in WPF/Silverlight, but in case… Continue reading

FileOpenPicker in Windows 8 XAML App

Introduction In this article we would see the FileOpenPicker in Windows 8 XAML Application. Basically in Silverlight/WPF we have OpenFileDialog which would open a dialog. FileOpenPicker is native to WinRT. Let’s Start Let’s… Continue reading

Save as Image in Picture Library in Windows 8 XAML Metro App

Introduction In this article we would see how we would save an image into Local System’s Picture Library. Requirements You should be having: Windows 8 (Consumer Preview) Visual Studio 2012 RC Get Started… Continue reading