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Swiss Knife V 1.0 – Windows Phone 8 App

Description Swiss Knife is a light weight application for adding and managing shortcut tiles for start screen. Download Here. System Shortcuts WiFi Bluetooth Data Connection Airplane Mode Location Lockscreen Email Account Management Power… Continue reading

GradientFy – Windows Phone 8 App

GradientFy adds gradient to your images. Amazing effects brings life to the images. + Apply with more than 20 presets + Apply to existing images + Apply to newly captured image + Apply… Continue reading

ColorFy – Windows Phone 8 App

  ColorFy adds color to your existing photo or newly captured photo.   + Adjusts R, G, B, and RGB + Adjusts Brightness and Contrast + Adjusts Exposure + Adjusts Temperature and Tint… Continue reading

TooniFy – Windows Phone 8 App

TooniFy Toon your image or new captured image with camera with different presets.   ** Retains Image aspect ratio on save ** Share with your friends over email, sms, and social netowrk  … Continue reading

UX Colors – Windows Phone 8 App

UX Colors **Most Useful for** – Web Designer – Mobile app designer – Magazine page designer – Poster designer – Wallpaper designer UX Colors is a handy tool for UX Designers to instantly… Continue reading

MetroFy – Windows Phone 8 App

MetroFy We love Metro Colors. They are part of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 colors. Let’s use it to the photos.   Two step process to MetroFy your photo. Select the type… Continue reading

Displaying Contacts with Phone Number Only in Windows Phone 8

In a previous post, we had seen how to display all the contacts in Windows Phone 8. In some of the contacts there are no phone numbers available. In this post we would… Continue reading

Displaying Contact Image in Contacts Listing in Windows Phone 8

In this post we would see, how to display contact image in a contacts list. A Contact entity does not have a property related to its image. But we have a public GetPicture()… Continue reading

Listing All Phone Contacts in Windows Phone 8

In this post we would see how to list down all contacts available in your Windows Phone 8 device programmatically. To proceed; create a sample Windows Phone application with version as 8.0 Open… Continue reading

Metro Character Progress Control

I have just published a custom control which would display a percentage value in the middle of a character. The character is currently of 6 types, 3 men and women types each. To… Continue reading

Installing Windows Phone 8.0 SDK

Introductions In this article we would see the Windows Phone 8 SDK installation. System Requirements Supported operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro Operating system type: Windows 8 64-bit (x64) client versions Hardware: 6.5… Continue reading