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Download “My Blacklist” app for Windows Phone 7


My Blacklist app for Windows Phone 7

Download “My Piggy Bank” app for Windows Phone 7


My Piggy Bank aap for Windows Phone 7

Download “My Food Food” app for Windows Phone 7



Download “Age of Items” app for Windows Phone 7


Windows Phone 7

Download “Angry Meter” app for Windows Phone 7.


Windows Phone 7 App.

DateTime to Ago string Converter for Silverlight / WPF / Windows Phone / Windows 8

This is a converter to display a friendly time message. The value would be a DateTime type and the converter would provide the string message. Examples of Ago string message: 1 hour ago… Continue reading

Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone – Getting Started – Step-By-Step

This is another Step-By-Step article, where we would try out Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone (Mango). This toolkit is available at codeplex. Step 1 Download the installer from the codeplex site, as… Continue reading

Error: Invalid or missing Rom image in Windows Phone 7

This article is about fixing the error you might get, due to some reason for Windows Phone 7 emulator. Recently, I have installed Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7, and I suspect… Continue reading

“Take a Test” Application in Windows Phone 7

In this article we would see how to make a Test application, what I mean is an application where a user can select a category based on that some questions would be displayed… Continue reading

Bus Finder Application for Windows Phone 7

In this article we will see how we can make a simple bus finder application for Windows Phone 7.   To read the full article and download the source code click here.