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Auto Wallpaper Changer

Auto Wallpaper Changer is a free to use tool. As the name says, it changes your Desktop Wallpaper automatically. You can choose your favorite folder which contains the wallpapers of following file formats:… Continue reading

Auto Power Switch

Auto Power Switch is a free to use Tool. This is a Tool that will give you the freedom of closing applications and performing Windows commands like Shut Down, Restart, Log Off, Lock,… Continue reading

Application Scheduler

Ever imagined of a tool that will run your favourite program at specific time. Guess what Application Scheduler is a perfect tool to fulfill your imagination. Add a Program that you want to… Continue reading

Visual Studio Cleaner

Introduction Visual Studio Cleaner is a project to clean all the temporary files created by Visual Studio. By removing all the try-out project’s or your watched folders temporary files, you could save a… Continue reading