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Xamarin – Get Selected Items from ListView in Android

In this post we would see, how to get the selected items from the screen activity where a list of options are displayed.   The following is the layout for displaying the Multiple… Continue reading

Xamarin – Selective ListView in Android

In this post we would see how to display a collection in ListView and select one or many items. As we are going to have a ListView, the following is the simple layout.… Continue reading

Xamarin – Display Entity Collection in ListView in Android

In this post, we would display a collection of some entity in ListView. Let’s start with creating the following Person entity.   The Person entity class is located under Model.   Now let’s… Continue reading

Xamarin – Binding data to ListView in Android

In the previous post, we used a ListActivity for displaying data or collection. In this post we would use the ListView control and bind data or collection to it. We would need a… Continue reading