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Xamarin – Display Fixed Layout at the bottom in Android

In some design scenarios, where we would require a fixed layout at the bottom of the screen. The fixed layout may contain a set of controls. In this post, we would see how… Continue reading

Xamarin – Binding data to ListView in Android

In the previous post, we used a ListActivity for displaying data or collection. In this post we would use the ListView control and bind data or collection to it. We would need a… Continue reading

Xamarin – Gradient Background for Layout in Android

We have seen how to add an image as background to your layout in previous posts. In this post, we would see how we achieve a Linear Gradient color background for the Layout… Continue reading

Xamarin – Tiled Background for Layout in Android

In this post we would see, how to make a layout tiled background in Android.   First of all add your tile image to the Drawable folder under Resources.     Then we… Continue reading

Xamarin – Image Background for Layout in Android

In this post we would see, how to change the default black background of the Activity in android. Actually, it’s not the activity whose background could be changed; it’s the layout whose background… Continue reading

Xamarin – A Control’s basic properties in a Layout

In this post we would see, what are the basic properties we should check for while adding a control to the Layout. We would take a Button control and see what its basic… Continue reading

Xamarin – Designing View/UI in Android Application

In the last post we have seen a HelloWorld application in Android using Xamarin framework. In this post we would see the UI elements to construct a view in android. If you look… Continue reading