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Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone – Getting Started – Step-By-Step

This is another Step-By-Step article, where we would try out Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone (Mango). This toolkit is available at codeplex. Step 1 Download the installer from the codeplex site, as… Continue reading

Access Control Service Step-by-Step in Windows Azure Platform

Introduction In this article, we would see some step by step to create Access Control Service in Windows Azure Platform. Well Access Control Service is an identity provider to authenticate your applications. To… Continue reading

Installing Windows Azure SDK for .Net (VS 2010 SP1) – June 2012

In this article we would see step by step guide to install Windows Azure SDK for .Net for Visual Studio 2010 SP1; June 2012 Release. Actually there are two Web URLs pointing to… Continue reading

Getting Started Windows Azure

I always wanted to start Windows Azure, well this is the time. I would brief you the step by step procedure for Windows Azure registration in this article. To start you need to… Continue reading