WebBrowser Application Basics in Windows Phone 8

WebBrowser is a control available in Windows Phone 8 SDK, which is helpful in displaying web pages. In this post we would see about the GoBack and GoForward methods and how to have… Continue reading

MetroFy – Windows Phone 8 App

MetroFy We love Metro Colors. They are part of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 colors. Let’s use it to the photos.   Two step process to MetroFy your photo. Select the type… Continue reading

5 Lines of Code that Saved almost 5 hours of work

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All New Microsoft Surface Pro 2

    What’s New?   Fast Processing The Intel i5 processor provides the performance you expect in a laptop. Install the programs you want and need, including Microsoft Office. More Local Storage With… Continue reading

Freshly Published Book “Xamarin iOS Application Development”

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What’s new in Microsoft Surface 2?

Microsoft has announced the availability of Microsoft Surface 2 device. Microsoft Surface Pro device will be available by October end. Let’s see few features that have been announced with it.   Now you… Continue reading

Android 4.4 KitKat Wallpapers

Bing Walls 10-Dec-2013 To 16-Dec-2013 Bing Walls 03-Dec-2013 To 09-Dec-2013 Bing Walls 25-Nov-2013 To 02-Dec-2013 Bing Walls 19-Nov-2013 To 25-Nov-2013

Create Setup and Deployment Of Wpf Application Step By Step with Visual Studio 2012

In one of my old posts I have explained step by step for creating installer file using Visual Studio 2010. “Create Setup and Deployment of WPF Application Step by Step with Visual Studio… Continue reading

Android Device is Offline but Connected for USB Debugging

Sometimes while you develop Android application you need to test the application in the Android Device. In this post we would see one of the issues related to Android device connection. The Problem… Continue reading

Metro Colors for Windows 7 and Windows 8 for Windows Phone and Windows Store Development

Handy Tool for finding out the metro color best fit for white font color in Windows Phone and Windows Store applications. You could copy the color as RGB or ARGB and use it… Continue reading

Give your Eye rest with EyeExcercise application for Windows

If you are a regular user of computer (Desktop or Laptop), your eyes should get rest at regular intervals to avoid following Eye related diseases. Dry Eyes Computer Vision Syndrome Fixed Eyes Click… Continue reading