CallerInfo Attribute in C#

There are three types of CallerInfo attribute, such as CallerMemberName, CallerFilePath, and CallerLineNumber. These attributes are helpful in Debugging code. The System.Runtime.CompilerServices namespace is used for these attributes.   The following class has… Continue reading

Chaining Null-Coalescing Operator in C#

What is Null-Coalescing Operator? Null-Coalescing operator is double question mark (??). It returns the left hand operand if not null, else returns the right hand operand.   Consider following example, where null-coalescing operator… Continue reading

Debugger Browsable Attribute in C#

DebuggerBrowsable is an attribute available to C# language. This attribute is helpful for determining the display of properties and fields.   Let’s consider following Employee class.   The following are the displays you… Continue reading

Debugger Display Attribute in C#

The DebuggerDisplay attribute is available to customize the display of Class, Struct, Delegate, Enum, Field, Property and Assembly. Let’s consider following Employee class, which has two properties as FirstName and LastName.   The… Continue reading

AdBlock – Chrome Extension

Almost everybody doesn’t want to see ads when browsing internet. Ads might be blocked in your office network but what about your home. AdBlock is a Chrome extension that removes the ads from… Continue reading

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Swiss Knife V 1.5 – Windows Phone 8 App

Description Swiss Knife is a light weight application for adding and managing shortcut tiles for start screen. Learn more about V 1.0 Here. Download Here. (*) New In V 1.5 System Shortcuts →… Continue reading

Microsoft SkyDrive Offers 20 GB Extra Storage

This is very exciting from Microsoft, providing 20 GB extra storage. This offer is for old SkyDrive account holders plus new ones. Those are having 7 GB of storage in their account they… Continue reading

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