Check Nokia Black Update for your Nokia Lumia Devices

Nokia Black update was made available for Nokia Lumia Devices recently by Nokia. You might have checked for update but your phone might have said “Your phone is up to date. Last checked… Continue reading

Chaining Conditional Operator in C#

What is conditional operator? A conditional operator which is a ternary operator; takes the condition as first part, the second part is the value to be returned if first part is true and… Continue reading

Enumerable.Range in C#

Range is a static method defined in Enumerable class. The purpose of this method is to provide a collection of sequential numbers. The parameters required for the method are the start of the… Continue reading

String Number Parsing in C#

At some point of time, we need to parse a number which is represented in string format. C# has NumberStyles Enum which helps enormously for parsing. To proceed with the examples, you need… Continue reading

3 Part Format of Numbers in C#

What is a 3 part format? The 3 part format is used to show a positive, negative and zero value number. The string format has three parts. The first part corresponds to the… Continue reading

Creating Combination Enum in C#

What is Enum in C#? Using enum keyword, a set of enumerator list is created. The enumerator list contains constants. The following TextStyles enum has the following constants or enum values.   Typical… Continue reading

Bing Walls 31-Dec-2013 ~ 06-Jan-2014

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Bing Walls 24-Dec-2013 ~ 30-Dec-2013

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Accessing Internal Method Outside of Assembly in C#

What is internal in C#? It’s one of the keyword available in C# language. It means that, the members, classes and methods marked as internal are never exposed to other assembly. In this… Continue reading

Converting value with Convert.ChangeType in C#

Sometimes we need to convert one type to another. In some cases we may not know the type of the value that is going to be converted. The following code shows the use… Continue reading

Using CallerMemberName with INotifyPropertyChanged in C#

In previous post “Callerinfo Attribute In C#” we have seen the CallerInfo attributes helping in debugging the code. In this post we would see how CallerMemberName attribute is used while using INotifyPropertyChanged interface.… Continue reading