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Metro Colors for Windows 7 and Windows 8 for Windows Phone and Windows Store Development

Handy Tool for finding out the metro color best fit for white font color in Windows Phone and Windows Store applications. You could copy the color as RGB or ARGB and use it… Continue reading

Give your Eye rest with EyeExcercise application for Windows

If you are a regular user of computer (Desktop or Laptop), your eyes should get rest at regular intervals to avoid following Eye related diseases. Dry Eyes Computer Vision Syndrome Fixed Eyes Click… Continue reading

Join My Fan Page in Facebook

Hi friends, I have created a Fan Page in Facebook for my blog “Method of Tried”. Please like to follow the updates from my blog. The technical blog would help you in developing… Continue reading

Auto Wallpaper Changer

Auto Wallpaper Changer is a free to use tool. As the name says, it changes your Desktop Wallpaper automatically. You can choose your favorite folder which contains the wallpapers of following file formats:… Continue reading

Auto Power Switch

Auto Power Switch is a free to use Tool. This is a Tool that will give you the freedom of closing applications and performing Windows commands like Shut Down, Restart, Log Off, Lock,… Continue reading

Delete Bin, Obj, ClientBin folders using a batch file

Few days back, I needed some free disk space; but couldn’t delete my Visual Studio sample files. When I got the details, it was surprising. The sample projects had taken more than 6… Continue reading

My Articles @ C#Corner

Title: #97 HyperLink Text Wrap In Silverlight 3  Description: In this article we will see how we can wrap a text in HyperLink Button.  Link: Hyperlink Text Wrap In Silverlight 3   Title:… Continue reading

Start using JQuery in Web Application

Introduction In this article we will see how we can use jQuery compatible script in a simple web application. jQuery is a buzzword today for writing script behind in mark up. Create A… Continue reading

Getting Country Names from system

Introduction The System.Globalization namespace contains classes that define culture-related information, including the language, the country/region, the calendars in use, the format patterns for dates, currency, and numbers, and the sort order for strings.… Continue reading