Project My Screen in Windows Phone 8.1 Update

Windows Phone 8.1 update has many new features added. “Project My Screen” is one of its newest additions. In this post we will see how we project phone’s screen to PC. screen-projection

Step1 – Required Software from Microsoft

Microsoft has released an app “Project My Screen App” which can be downloaded. Click on the image.

You need to install the application and it will create two shortcuts on the desktop.

Step 2 – Uninstall Phone driver from System

This step is mandatory if you have already plugged in your phone to your system. Open Device Manager.


You need to uninstall the drivers installed for the following. Right click on each item and select “Uninstall”.


This step is optional if you are newly connecting to your System.


Step 3 – Connect your Windows Phone 8.1 Device

This time when you plug your device to the system, all the four drivers would be installed.


Step 4 – Open Project My Screen App

Now you need to open the “Project My Screen App” either from desktop or from start menu. This will open the application in full screen mode. You could restore the size by pressing ESC.


Step 5 – Allow Screen Projection

Next, you will get the following notification in your phone. Select yes and you are good to go. screen-projection


And your screen is projected to the PC successfully..

Step 6 – Open up Settings to Verify

Open up project my screen settings under settings and you can see that, Windows PC is connected. To disconnect, tap on it.



Step 7 – Advanced Settings

Tap on the advanced button to bring up the advanced settings. Here you could decide to show the dot when you touch the screen, the color of the dot and the external screen orientation.



Now if you touch your phone, you will see the dot on the projected screen.


Step 8 – Project My Screen App Shortcuts

Select Help à Shortcuts, and you can see the list of shortcuts for manipulating the screen.


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