Windows Phone 8.1 Update for Nokia Lumia 920

Windows Phone 8.1 update is live from today onwards. Unfortunately this update is for developer preview. That means without a Windows Phone Developer account you will not be able to install the update.

However the public release would happen this year.

Here are few screenshots that I managed to take while the update was being applied.

It took around 30 to 40 minutes to install the updates based on my 8MB/s broadband connection. I was able to watch Game Of Thrones latest episode during that time. J

Screenshot Key Combination Changed

As you see in the following screenshot, it says that the screenshot button combo has changed to Volume Up and Power buttons.

The update message “…and it will be worth the wait”.

After a successful update, the message asks to continue for customization of settings.

The following screen shows the new settings

Continued from above screen…

Action Centre

The Action Centre is the notification window which can be brought by swiping from the notification bar.

Start + Theme Setting

New start + theme setting in system settings menu.

The following screens shows the start + theme settings.

Continued from above screen…

Notifications + Actions Settings

The following screen shows the four actions buttons available in action menu. Touch on each of them to change from a list of settings. Checkbox showing “Show notifications in action centre when my phone is locked” will make the action men available while screen is locked. Further, the apps that are enabled notification are displayed below.

New settings or Changed Name

Storage Sense, Project My Screen and Sync My Settings

The Project my screen page has dependency on USB connection, however I am not able to do it at the moment, I would update about this on another blog post.

Sync my settings has following settings.

Advertising Id

This is a new setting; unfortunately I have no data on these settings.

The following screen is for the Advertising Id settings, the settings are somehow related to the advertisement. I would update about this in another post.

All new Store app

New Speed Dial

Revamped Calling History

All New Calling Screen

All New Ringer Settings

WiFi Sense

Calendar now accesses your location

All New Calendar Look

Finally the Background of Start Screen

I would update about other changes in another post.

Hope this post helps, thanks for reading.

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