Steps to Install Nokia Black Update For Nokia Lumia Devices

As you know Nokia Black update is available earlier Jan 2014. In this post we would see the step by step process to install the update to the Nokia Lumia Devices.

Navigate to Settings

Navigate to Settings and then find Phone update item. Select to open the Phone Update screen.


Check for Status

If your Nokia Lumia device is provided with the update, you would see the following Update status as “An update is ready to install”. Click on Show details button to see the updates.


Install or Postpone

The information shows the various updates that would be installed. This would vary from Nokia Lumia devices range. In this post I had used a Nokia Lumia 520 device. So here are the updates for the device. You could postpone the software update if you are not ready to update at the time. Click on install if you are ready to update the software.


The update process would start after clicking on the install button. You need a good battery status of > 40% to continue with the installation. The phone would be restarted.


After Restart

After restart, the process would migrate your data. This is a lengthy process of 10 minutes.


As you see it took almost 10minutes to migrate. However this might change in other Nokia Lumia devices.


Update Completed

You would get a update completed page. Click on Done button to continue.


A restart is required for the software update. You could press Update now, or wait for 10 seconds to restart automatically.


The restart would provide a notification as “Welcome to Lumia Black”. The time taken for this update to install was almost 20 minutes and a good internet speed. The time might vary depending on your internet speed.


Check for the detail software updates for your recent update.


Hope this post is useful.

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