AdBlock – Chrome Extension

Almost everybody doesn’t want to see ads when browsing internet. Ads might be blocked in your office network but what about your home.

AdBlock is a Chrome extension that removes the ads from the page you are on.

You can go to AdBlock Chrome extension by clicking here.


To add it Chrome, click on “+ FREE”.

Click on Add to continue.

After it’s added, the buttons text changes to “ADDED TO CHROME”.

The Adblock icon could be found next to address bar in chrome.

When ads are blocked, it displays as the number of ads blocked.

To have other options you need to click on the chrome extension icon.

The above options are self-explanatory.

I had never used anything to block the ads, but using this seems fast Internet browsing. It blocks YouTube video ads, Facebook ads and more. This is a life saver.

Like Method Of Tried in Facebook.