Microsoft SkyDrive Offers 20 GB Extra Storage

This is very exciting from Microsoft, providing 20 GB extra storage. This offer is for old SkyDrive account holders plus new ones. Those are having 7 GB of storage in their account they might get an email for storage upgrade.

Check your mails immediately to take advantage of this offer. J


By clicking on the link, you would be redirected to your SkyDrive Manage Storage page, which is in Options page. You would be prompted to Redeem with redeem code added.

Click on Redeem to proceed.


If you have clicked the Redeem button, then you would get the Redemption Complete message.


Now you can see the extra storage space in your Manage Storage in SkyDrive account.


Note that it’s a bonus storage upgrade, which would last for 1 year.



Enjoy. J


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