Get to know your RAM with Windows 8

There are times when you need to know about your RAM installed in your PC/Laptop. This information usually required if you are planning to upgrade your RAM for your PC/Laptop. In this post we will see how easy it is to know about your RAM using Windows 8.


Open Task Manager

Task Manager in Windows 8 has more information than previous version of Windows. You could Open the Task Manager in following ways:

1) Run Prompt: Type taskmgr

2) Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC

3) Right Click on Task Bar and Select “Start Task Manager” option


Performance Tab

Performance tab in Task Manager holds information about various entities. For this post we would be using Memory. Select Memory from the left side options. Now you could see the information about RAM on the right side. The most important info is the Speed. That is 1600 MHz, which plays an important role in buying RAM.


SLOTs Used

You can also see how many slots available in your PC/Laptop. Mouse over the Slots Used data and you would find the detailed info in the tooltip.


Hope this post helps you. Thanks for reading.


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