Storage Check Settings in Windows Phone 8 Phones

Windows Phone 8 has settings for the storage. Which gives you flexibility to manage the free space by yourself by observing the occupied space by the apps, maps, temp files. In this post we will see; how we can see those.

Click on Settings Tile in Start Screen or settings program in Programs Menu. The Settings application would open as follows. Scroll down to see Storage Check option. Click on the option.


The Following image shows that, the Storage Check application is opened and it’s calculating the files and its occupied space in storage.


After it’s calculated the Pie chart is displayed with data for files occupancy in storage.



In Details pivot, you could see the more detail view of the Apps, Maps and Temp files occupancy in storage.


Scroll down to see other file types and its occupancy in storage.


You could clear the temp files that is used by the system. You might notice that, the temp file size is not cleared after a certain limit.


To see all the storage size of individual apps, click on details which is below Apps category.


The following images show the apps and its size in storage. Although you cannot remove an app from here, you could take a note of the app consuming more memory or any app you are not using. This could be uninstalled later.




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