Freshly Published Book “Xamarin iOS Application Development”

About this book

Introducing Xamarin

    How it works?

    Installing Xamarin in Windows

    Installing Xamarin in Mac

    Logging in to Xamarin Account

    Activating Xamarin

    Xamarin iOS Update

Hello World

    Your First iOS Application

    Configure Mac Host Manually

    Build Server returned an error

    The simulated application quit

    iOS Documentation update

    Project Properties

    Info.plist, AppDelegate, Main and ViewController Files

    Xamarin Studio IDE in Mac

    Designing the UI





    Radio Button













Deep Dive

    App Lifecycle

    View Lifecycle

    MVC Pattern

Navigation Controller

    Display View Controller Title

    Hiding Navigation Bar

    Hiding Back Button

    Adding Custom Back Button

    Navigating to Root from any page

Table View

    Introduction to UITableView

    Data Binding

    UITableViewCell With Image

    UITableViewCell with selective image

    Displaying Entity Data

    SubTitle Style

    UITableView Value1 style

    UITableViewCell Value2 Style

    Row Selection

    Displaying Long Text

    Row Disclosure

    Custom Row Style

Tabbed Application

    First Look

    Image in Tabs

    Display Badge


    Hello Storyboard

    Add a ViewController

    Navigation Controller in Storyboard

File Input and Output

    Writing Text File

    Reading Text File

    Writing Json Text to File

    Reading Json Text from File

    Writing XML File

    Reading XML File

    Reading File from Project Folder

Master-Detail Application

    iPhone Application


    Detail View

    iPad Application

Alert & Notification



Dialog View Controller

    Low Level Elements API

    High Level Elements API

iOS Simulator


    Simulator Types

    Location, Printer, and Hardware

    Installed Apps