Remote Login To Mac From Windows 7 Using VNC

In this post, we would see how to login a Mac machine from a Windows machine. For this demo the following are used.

  1. Mac with Lion OSX
  2. Windows 7 32 bit
  3. Tight VNC for Windows

Follow the steps below to login remotely to a Mac machine from a Windows machine.

1. Create Mac User(s)

Go to System Preferences

Open Users & Groups

Default user is displayed; you need to unlock the settings lock to change the settings.

Provide your credential for unlocking the settings.

Create user(s) by clicking on the + button.

For this demo; I have created two users, Standard and Admin users. Go back to System Preferences.

2. Sharing Settings in Mac

Open Sharing from System Preferences.

Check the following:

  1. Remote Login
  2. Remote Management

In Remote Management; check/enable the following.

After changing the above settings; Screen Sharing would be disabled. Select Remote Management and click the Computer Settings button.

Check the following; provide a password for VNC viewing.

3. Check Mac Network IP

Open Network settings from System Preferences.

This step is to confirm the IP of Mac machine and the local network.

4. Download TightVNC

Download Tight VNC; it’s a free VNC server/client. Click on the images to navigate to the website.

5. Installing Tight VNC

The following screens are for installing Tight VNC.

Accept the License Agreement.

Select Custom to install only VNC Viewer.

Click Tight VNC Server dropdown; select Entire feature will be unavailable.

Select next to continue.

Select next to continue.

Select Install to continue.

Click Finish to exit.

6. Open Mac using Tight VNC

Open Tight VNC Viewer from start menu in Windows 7.

Provide the IP address with the port number 5900.

Change the settings if necessary. [Optional step]

After successful connection; it asks for the authentication.

Provide the password. (VNC Viewer Password in Mac)

That’s it. Now you would be able to see the log in screen.

Select your account credentials to login.

Hope this post helps, thanks for reading.







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