Getting Started with Nokia Imaging SDK for Windows Phone 8

In this post we would see how we install Nokia Imaging SDK for Windows Phone 8 application.

Create your application using Windows Phone templates using the Windows Phone category.

Select the Windows Phone OS version as 8.0.

Open the Nuget Package Manager by going to:

Tools à Library Package Manager à Manage NuGet Packages for Solution.

The following NuGet Package manager would open; you need to select Online category on the left side and search for Nokia. The results are shown as follows. Select the Nokia Imaging SDK and click on Install.

It would install in few seconds and asks you to add to which project in the solution. Select the Windows Phone project and select OK.

You need to accept the license agreement. Click on I Accept.

After you have done the above steps; the green check would show in the search list in the NuGet Package Manager. Now you can exit the Nuget Package Manager.

As you see in the below image, the Nokia.Graphics.Imaging.Managed assembly reference is added to the project.

Now build the application. Oops!

You got the following error, don’t worry; there is a way to fix it. The trick lies in the error message itself. It says that it doesn’t support AnyCPU target platform.

To remove, the AnyCPU from the configuration manager; open configuration manager:

Build à Configuration Manager

The following configuration manager pops up. You need to select the drop down.

Select the Edit option.

Select the “Any CPU” and click on Remove.

A confirm dialog appears; select Yes to continue.

Now after removal the solution platforms have the following ARM and x86 platforms.

Now, build the solution and the error is gone. This means that; you need to create separate projects for specific platforms.

Also if you navigate to the project folder; you would find that the package folder has your Nokia Imaging SDK binaries.

Under ARM or X86 folder; the following files are present. This is

Hope this post was useful, thanks for reading.

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