Freshly Published “Xamarin Android Application Development”

About the Book

Are you new to Xamarin? Are you a C# .NET developer? Are you planning to do Android development using C#.NET?

Well this book would help you from START to END of your Android application development.

Table of Contents

About This Book

Introducing Xamarin

    How it works?

    Installing Xamarin in Windows


Hello World

    Creating an Android Application

    Understanding Folder Structure in Android Project

    Visual Studio 2012 Designer


    Property Window



    Linear Layout

    Relative Layout

    Table Layout

    Frame Layout

    Using Android Styles in Layout





















    Activity Lifecycle


    Pass Data to Activity

    Closing Current Activity

    Open Activity for Results

    List Activity

    Display Timer in Activity

    Clearing Activities in Back Stack

    Preference Activity




    Image in Tab

    Selected Tab Image


File Input and Output

    Read A Text File

    Read and Parse An XML File

    Read and Parse A Json Text File

    Using Json.Net

    Read an Image File

    Write to SD Card

    Read and Write In Internal Memory

    Read and Write In Cache

    Read Asset File



    Binding Data to ListView

    Display Entity Collection

    Selective ListView

    Get Selected Items from ListView

    ListView in a ScrollView Issue

    Selective ListActivity

    Selective ListActivity with Entity

    Context Menu in ListView Item

    Displaying selective Image in ListView



    Displaying Images in GridView

    GridVIew Item Click

    GridView Item Template from Custom Layout

    Context Menu in GridView


ViewSwitcher, ViewAnimator and ViewFlipper






    Fragment Lifecycle

    Displaying Fragments

    Dynamically Add Fragment

    Dialog Fragment

    List Fragment

    Preference Fragment


Dialogs and Toast

    Alert Dialog

    Date Picker Dialog

    Time Picker Dialog



Xamarin Errors

    Error 1

    Error 2

    Error 3

Android Emulator

    Know Your Android Emulators

    Adding PC Keyboard Support

    Copy File to SD Card Using ADB.Exe

    Copy File to SD Card Using WinImage

    Copy File to SD Card Using Eclipse

    Capture Screenshot Using Eclipse


    Publish Your App

    Debug with your Android Device