Alarm Application Category in Windows 8.1 Preview

Windows 8.1 brings the flexibility of creating Windows Store Application for Alarm category. The first application in this category is launched with the Windows 8.1 Preview is the Alarms app.

You would not find this app added to the new filtered start screen. You need to go to all apps screens and add it to the start screen manually.

After you have added it to the start screen; click on it and it would open the Alarms application.

As you see in the above image, the application is asking the user to make the application as primary alarm application.

Select yes to proceed.

To add an alarm, click on the Add metro button.

As you see in the above image; a nice circular slider is displayed in terms of hour and minutes. The Weekdays are displayed as checkboxes, and the user could change the alarm sound.

On click of save, the alarm is saved. You could also come back to this page for edit or delete operation on alarm.

The warning message is displayed as the notifications will only show if the PC is awake.

The above image shows, the list of sounds to be selected from.

The Windows store alarm application has a countdown timer module.

Also it has a Stopwatch module, see below.


All in all the look and feel is too metro. Sometimes you get confused which button to click for what. The black UI adds first to the confusion list.

Hope this post is useful, thanks for reading.