Start Screen Enhancements in Windows 8.1 Preview

In this post we would see some of the enhancements done to the Start Screen in Windows 8.1 preview.

Less Apps in Start Screen

Compared to Windows 8 Start Screen, Windows 8.1 Start Screen has fewer apps displayed.


Shortcut to All Apps

An arrow button is placed at the left bottom of the Start Screen, which would take you to the All Apps Screen.


Also you would be able to come back with the same arrow button.


New Customize Button on App Bar

In Start Screen App Bar, it used to have “All Apps” button which is replaced by “Customize”


App Grouping

In Windows 8.1 preview you could do app grouping.


On click of Customize button, it brings up the grouping editor to the Start Screen.


If you add names to the group, it would start displaying it.


Resize Option Button for Live Tiles

A resize option button is provided for live tiles. Select (by Right Click) a Live Tile and you see the option.


Now with 3 tile size options, compared to small tile and large tile option in Windows 8.


Now with Very Small Tile and Very Wide Tile

In Windows 8.1, just like Windows Phone interface, you could have a Big tile, with a very small tile.


Zoom Out view with Group Names

Now group names are displayed on each tile group in zoom out view, which is good for moving positions of the group.


Hope this post helps, thanks for reading.