Desktop and Explorer changes in Windows 8.1 Preview

June 26th, Windows 8.1 preview was and released for preview. In this post we would see some of the changes that are done to the Desktop and Explorer View.

Start Button is back

At some point when you looked at Windows 8 desktop and the task bar; the start button was missing. As the start menu was in a full screen view, the button was removed from task bar. But with Windows 8.1, you would get the start button with the new Windows 8 logo. Well on click of it, it brings the start screen to the view. And on mouse over you would find a nice animation with the same background color chosen for start screen.

Computer is renamed to This PC

The Computer is renamed to This PC. Also included common folders to it.

Folders as new Group in This PC (Formerly My Computer)

Folders as a new group, added to the This PC which was known as My Computer.

Library is removed

Library, which was containing the folders, is removed in Windows 8.1 preview.

SkyDrive is the new shortcut

SkyDrive is the new shortcut, placed in the left side of the explorer window. If you sign in as a Microsoft Account this shortcut would be enabled.

Homegroup shortcut is the new Shortcut

Homegroup is also another new shortcut on the left side of the explorer window.

Hope this post helps, thanks for reading.