Adding PC Keyboard support for Android Emulator

In this post we would see how we add PC Keyboard support for Android Emulator.


Open AVD Manager.



Select your AVD, which you are going to enable Keyboard support. Click on Edit to edit the AVD.


Now in Edit AVD dialog, click on New under Hardware group.


The properties dialog would appear, select Keyboard support, and click on OK.


The property would be added as Keyboard support and Value as no. Select from the dropdown to change it to yes.


After saving the AVD, the information dialog would appear for the hardware config.


Now run the AVD by clicking on Start.


Launch based on these criteria, optional to select any.

You could also start from the project run from your IDE (Visual Studio, Eclipse)


As you see below, while mouse hovering on the keyboard it is having mouse over effect. (See for D Key)


Further you could type from your Keyboard PC, which was our Primary objective of this post.

Hope this post helps, thanks for reading.