Copying A File to SD Card Image using WinImage for Android Emulator

It is required sometimes to test a file from the SD Card in Android development. You could do that using the device itself, or you could use the emulator’s SD Card for this. In this post we would see, how to copy a file to SD Card Image file using WinImage to be used in Android Emulator.

You need to download WinImage from the site. And install it in your PC.

Close all instances of Android Emulators running.

The API Level Emulators are located in the following folder.

Let’s say, we are going to copy an image file to API Level 10, so I would browse to the above location and go to the “MonoForAndroid API 10.avd” folder.

And open it in WinImage.

WinImage would read the image file and load it to the explorer.

To insert file(s) you need to select Inject File and select your file(s) from file system location and select OK. WinImage would ask you for inject confirmation; on selecting yes, it would copy the file to the selected path in the image.

The following image displays a copied image file to the root directory. Save the image file and close it.

Now you could do your testing in the android emulator.

Hope this post helps, thanks for reading.