Copying a File to SD Card Image using Eclipse for Android Emulator

In this post we would see how we can copy a file using Eclipse to SD Card Image in Android Emulator.

Install Eclipse. Any version would do.

You need to add ADT plugin for eclipse. Follow the steps to install the plugin and open DDMS, and copy the file.

Click on Help -> Install New Software


It would open the Install Software dialog. Click on Add button.


Add the following:

Name: ADT Plugin


And press OK.


It would list the Developer Tools and NDK Tools to be installed. Check for Developer tools and select Next.


Accept the license for the tools. And click on Finish.


Now installation of ADT would start.


You need to restart eclipse once the installation is done.


Now Restart Eclipse.

And Run Android Emulator too.

Open the DDMS Tool by selecting: Window -> Open Perspective -> Other


Select DDMS and click OK.


The DDMS tool would be available in the shortcut bar. Click on that.


You would find your emulator. Now select File Explorer, it would display all File and Folders.


Select mnt -> sdcard and you could add a new folder or add a file to this.


After copying you could see the file there.


Hope this post helps, thanks for reading.