Copying a file to SD Card Image using ADB.exe for Android Emulator

If you have installed Android SDK in your system; you have all the tools to manage emulators. In this post we would see how to copy a file to Android Emulator’s SD Card.

Locate the SD Card installed folder. To know it faster, Open Start Menu and open the following folder.


Right Click on “AVD Manager” and select “Open file location”.


It would open the explorer with the specific user name in it.


Go to the platform-tools folder and check adb.exe.


Now run your Android Emulator.


Open cmd. Running in Administrator mode is optional.


Use the following command: adb push <source-path> <dest-path>


That’s it, the file is copied.

Now to check whether it’s copied or not. Open shell.

Command: adb shell


Use Command: ls

It would list the contents (Files and Folders)


Now go to the directory sdcard

Use Command: cd sdcard


Now use command: ls

It would list the file.


Hope this article helps, thanks for reading.