Xamarin – HelloWorld Application for Android

In the last post we had seen installation of Xamarin in Windows platform. In this post we would create a HelloWorld Application for Android.

Start Visual Studio 2012 and create a new project. In the project template types you could see the category for Android. Select Android and you would get the following project templates.

Let’s create an Android Application, using the first template.

If you are using Xamarin for the first time; you would see the following license screen.

If you have a license you could use it here. Otherwise begin a trial or purchase a license.

If in case you need to change the login you could logout here.

As soon as your project is created, the following project structure is created. We would discuss about this in our subsequent posts.

Now without doing any changes to the code, let’s run the application by hitting F5.

It would ask for selecting device. In our case any android emulator running.

If you are not running any emulators, click on the “Start emulator image”.

After selecting OK, the emulator starts on it’s own.

After the emulator is started, you could see it in the list of Running devices.

And after few minutes of deployment, the application runs in the emulator.

Even the click event subscribed for the button works as well.

Hope this gives you a kick start.

Thanks for reading.

Note: I am not sharing any code here, as you would get the default code when you create the application.