Xamarin – Error Fixing “The Aapt task failed unexpectedly”

“The Aapt task failed unexpectedly” is one of the errors you might/would get while doing Android development in Xamarin.

Going through the forums the most trusted way of fixing it, to update the Android SDK. This issue is caused by Google changing around the directory structure of the Android SDK with their latest updates. Xamarin team know about this, and a hotfix will be coming soon.

Here are the steps to do it.

Open Android SDK Manager.

After it opens it would check for update packages available for API level.

Do the installation of the recommended packages. Do not delete any package, it might affect the integrity.

You might have to Accept the license to install the mentioned updates.

After everything is done, you need to repeat the process; so that any new updates could be checked and installed.

If there is nothing to install; then you are done.

Now you could restart Visual Studio and run your application without the error.

Hope this helps thanks for reading.