Xamarin and Cross Platform development in C# and .Net

You are a .NET developer and you want to create your .NET app to run in iOS, Windows and Android devices. Well Xamarin is the answer for you.

Xamarin is a single tool which provides a platform for developing applications for iOS, Android and Windows Applications. It integrates with your Visual Studio version and installs templates. You can use your .NET libraries in Xamarin apps. Intellisense is also supported in Visual Studio version with support for Resharper. Although it has its own IDE called Xamarin Studio, if you have better experience with Visual Studio you could work with it.

In this article we will see the installation procedure in Windows platform.

First of all you need to browse to the http://xamarin.com/ and download it.

After you got it downloaded. You could open the installer.

The installer would check your system for available tools; if not present it would download and install it for you.

One by one the required tools would be installed. That’s it for installing Xamarin in Windows platform.

In the next article we would see how to create a Hello World app.

Hope you like this article, thanks for reading.