Changing Login Method from Microsoft Account to Local Account in Windows 8

In this article we would see how to change the login method; that is from a Microsoft Account to a Local Account.

Step 1

You need to open PC Settings; to do that you need to open up the Windows
Charm Bar and select Settings.

Step 2

The above step would bring up the following settings fly out, where you could find the “Change PC settings” at the bottom. Click on it.

Step 3

The above step would open up the PC settings for you, select the Users from the left section. Select “Switch to a local account



Step 4

The above step would bring the following pop up, where you need to provide your Microsoft Account authentication to proceed further.


Step 5

In this step you create a Local account with the following fields.


Step 6

You need to sign out from current account and you are done. Now you would be asked to login with local account.


Hope this helps, thanks for reading.