Connect to a Wi-Fi Network with Changed Password in Windows 8

In this post we would see if you have changed your Wi-Fi password and your Windows 8 was using your existing password to connect; how do you change it to access Wi-Fi with your new credentials. Remember that this post is not at all related to hacking password.

Step 1

You need to find network icon in the system tray and single click on it.

Step 2

The above step would bring up the following pop up where you would all the available networks.


Step 3

Right click on your network that you were connecting previously, and select “View connection properties“.


Step 4

The above step would bring up the following Wireless Network Properties, as you see here, you could change your new password here.


Click on OK and you are done, you would be able to connect to your new Wi-Fi with new credentials.

Hope this post helps, thanks for reading.