Certify your Windows 8 App Step by Step


If you are submitting Windows 8 app for Windows Store; you must certify your app to PASS the certification. This article is all about certifying an app for Windows Store.

Step 1

Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8. Click Here

Install the SDK.

Step 2

Deploy your app in your current Windows 8; so that it appears in the start screen.

You can do this by simply running the app from Visual Studio 2012 (Debug/Without Debug).

Step 3

Open the Windows App Certification Kit.

You could open it by searching in Apps.

Step 4

Select “Validate Windows Store App” from the three options displayed below.

Step 5

As the following dialog says, you should select the app you are going to certify.

Step 6

Select the app and click on next to start the validation process. The Validation process would open your app few times. Do not interact with your app in this process. As Microsoft displays a text while installing Windows XP, “Sit back and relax” till the validation is complete.

Step 7

After validation, it would ask you to save the report. This is very important step; remember the location and filename you have saved.

Step 8

If your app is Overall Results:
PASS. Your app is ready to upload.

If your app is Overall Results:
FAIL. You should rectify the errors.

You could open the link “Click here to view the results”. This would open in a browser.

Step 9

If it displays the following error, do not be scared. Go to the location of the report you had saved in the previous step. And open it in any text editor.

As it is a large file; you should search the text “fail” to go the exact rule set it failed during the validation process.

Fix the error and do the steps from the beginning.

Hope this article helps, thanks for reading.