Windows Store App Submission Steps

In this article I would give a brief how to Submit apps for Windows Store.

Create New Project

Windows Store in Visual Studio

You need to follow the steps from top to bottom in sequence. If you have already achieved one step you could skip to proceed for the next.

Phase 1

1. Open Developer Account

This action would lead you to the page where new developer accounts are created. Click Here

2. Reserve App Name

You could only proceed to this step, if you have a valid Developer Account. In this step, you could reserve an App name that you are going to build.

3. Acquire Developer License

In this step, you need to acquire a developer license, if you do not have developer license; the tablet view is not displayed. Well the good news is you could buy a License either as a Company, or an Individual.

So far we have seen the first phase; where we could create an account, reserve an app name and acquire the developer license.

If you select your project and then go to Project à Store; you would see the rest of the options enabled.

Phase 2

If your Windows Store app is ready for upload, you could start the 2nd phase of options.

4. Edit App Manifest

On selection of this option, opens up “Package.appxmanifest” in GUI mode.

You need to properly fill up the fields that you are application is using.


  • Display name should be same as your reserved app name.
  • Description: Describe your application briefly without a new line..

5. Associate App with the Store

This option would sync the data from the package to the Windows Store account. In this step you need to login with your Windows Store Microsoft Account.

6. Capture Screenshots

Selecting this option would open your app in Simulator in non-debug mode. As you know the simulator has features that would help you with your app’s resolution.

Also we could capture screenshots to a specific location.


  • The image should not be more than 2 MB (Tip: Try reducing the resolution to 72 pixels)
  • The image should be of minimum 1366×768 dimension
  • You also should keep a caption ready for each image

Save the screenshots and upload the screenshots in one of the steps while submitting the app.

Phase 3

This is the phase, where your app is certified to be uploaded.

7. Create App Packages

This step would pop up to sign in with your Microsoft account for fetching app details. In case you are submitting an update; you could select your app from the list.

As you see in above image, you could select the reserve name and you could proceed next.

The next screen would be for versioning the app and other options as mentioned below.

You could click on Create after choosing the options from the above screen. And the App would be in a process of certification.

The result of an app certification could be PASS or FAIL.

If it is FAIL, you need to revisit the fail scenarios and fix. Else you cannot go to the next step.

If it is PASS, it would create *.appxupload files.

8. Upload App Packages

If your App is Passed certification then you could upload your package. You could upload the *.appxupload files created in the previous step.

On selection of this option, you would be redirected to your reserved apps submission page. This is the critical step where you fill in details about your app, upload required images/screenshots.

If everything is good; you could submit the app.

Hope this article helps, thanks for reading.