Error: Invalid or missing Rom image in Windows Phone 7

This article is about fixing the error you might get, due to some reason for Windows Phone 7 emulator. Recently, I have installed Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7, and I suspect that might be a reason.

Anyway, we have a solution for this.

The Problem

Your error would say something like this: “Error: Invalid or missing ROM image.”

The Solution

The best solution is to reinstall the phone SDK. Don’t be afraid, it won’t take whole lot of time, in my case it was 5 minutes, a restart and couple of minutes more.

Click next to proceed for the next option screen. You would be prompted to give the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 – ENU installation CD.

If you have already burned it, you could feed the CD and give the path. Else if you have downloaded the ISO file, just mount it again and give the path.

And you are done. Test the emulator from the following and it would work fine.

The Problem (again?)

Well the above step for running simulator might work fine. But when you run your Windows Phone 7 project with the emulator option, you would find the following Emulator error!!

The Solution

If you are not facing the above problem, then you need not do the fix we are going to do in this step.

To solve the above problem, you need to go the following path and delete the .dess file permanently.

Now you should be able to run the emulator from Visual Studio.

Hope this helps thanks for reading.

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