Installing Windows Azure SDK for .Net (VS 2010 SP1) – June 2012

In this article we would see step by step guide to install Windows Azure SDK for .Net for Visual Studio 2010 SP1; June 2012 Release.

Actually there are two Web URLs pointing to the same resource till now. (It would be a single location later)

The first Link is as follows:

On load of the above URL, you would be landing in the following page. From the options select the option “.net”.

You would be redirected to a page as follows. And click on install to start the web platform installation.

As I mentioned earlier that, there is another URL for installing, well it is as follows:

On load of the above URL, you would land up in a page like following. Click on the “VS 2010” under “.net” section.

You would be prompted to save the web installer (.exe) file and then run it from the saved location. It would take some time to configure the Web Platform Installer. And then you would be prompted with the installation you are targeting to.

As you see in the above image, we have a link for “Options”. On click of which you could configure settings. As follows below:

When you are done with your changes select “OK” and click on the “Install” in the primary install screen. Then the installation would start.

It would prompt you to accept for downloading and installing also agreeing to Terms and Conditions. Click on “I Accept”.

After agreeing to install, the install screen appears; where you could see that, the installer would download and install the components one after another. This would take a while (based on your internet speed.). It took me 30 mins.

On Success, the following screen is prompted, where you could see all the components installed.

Click on finish to finish the installation process.

Now you would be able to see the Azure SDK installation in Start menu. (Just to confirm)

Hope you like this article, thank you for reading.

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