Getting Started Windows Azure

I always wanted to start Windows Azure, well this is the time. I would brief you the step by step procedure for Windows Azure registration in this article.

To start you need to browse to the following URL:

You would land up in the page:

Click on “Free trial”

You would land up in the home page for free trial.

Click on “try it free *”

The windows live login page comes up for signing in.

Then the setup page opens up.

Click on the next button to proceed.

You need to enter your mobile number and click on “Send text message”.

On receiving the message, type in the code in the textbox and click on “Verify code”.

After verification the “next” button is enabled and click it.

You need to enter details of your credit card.

After entering details, click on next.

You are done.

Although it debited $1 from my credit card.

Hope this helps you start up your azure account.

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