Delete Bin, Obj, ClientBin folders using a batch file

Few days back, I needed some free disk space; but couldn’t delete my Visual Studio sample files. When I got the details, it was surprising. The sample projects had taken more than 6 Giga bytes of disk space. On further research I found, I needed to delete the un-necessary folders created while running in Visual Studio.

I wanted to delete the “Bin”, “Obj” and “ClientBin” folders. But browsing the folders and finding the “to be deleted folders” and delete; ohh! What a jumble.

I decided to create a batch file which would do the task for me.

The forum post here helped me.

The modified version is here:

As you see above, I have added clientbin as the folder to be deleted (From Silverlight projects).

Save the file as your <filename>.bat and place the file on the root directory.

For example:

If your project folders are located in “E:\VS2010\”

Place the batch file in “E:\VS2010\”.

Next step is very simple; double click on the batch file. And when it’s complete it would open the cmd in that location.

You’re done.

Source Code: Click Here

Article as PDF: Click Here