Remove Windows 8 from your Dual-Boot Setup

After Microsoft released the Windows 8 Developer Preview, the next preview version is released; currently it is Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

So, if you have installed Developer Preview, you want to remove Developer Preview and install the new Consumer Preview.

There are methods which use EasyBCD to manage your boot settings and do it.

Using EasyBCD is not that easy and here are the CONS: It creates an extra Windows 7 entry somehow (even if it is displaying single entry in the “Edit Entries”)

Doing several installs and removal, I have come with a simple solution.

There are two ways you can do this.

Method 1

Run cmd in Adminstrator mode.

Type “bcdboot.exe C:\Windows” in the command prompt. And press enter.

Method 2

Open System Configuration from Run prompt.

Go to “boot” tab.

Select the Windows 7 Entry and Click on “Set as Default”.

Now Click on “Apply” and then “OK”, this should restart your machine.



Removing Windows 8 Entry from Boot Menu

Now on next boot open the “System Configuration” and Select the “Boot” tab and Select Windows 8 Entry.

Now Click on “Delete”.

Then Click on “Apply” and then “OK”, this should restart your machine.

Now your Windows Entry is removed, The VHD is by default detached from your Disk.

So now you can permanently delete the VHD file entry from the saved location.

If you follow above steps carefully it is safe to remove the Windows 8 entry, without using “EasyBCD”.

Hope you like it, thanks for reading.

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