Modify Path Specific Properties In PathListBox In Silverlight 4


In this article we will see the LayoutPath properties that help in displaying the items in the path in PathListBox in Silverlight 4.


The above image shows the behaviour of paths in a PathListBox when default properties of the path(s) are selected.

Let’s discuss some of the properties.



This is a number that is referred to how many items would be displayed on the path.

In the above example we had seen default of 0 which is Auto. Now let’s fix this value for first path.

Now we can see the following change in the output.



This is a property which gets or sets the distance from the start of the LayoutPath to place the first item.

Now let’s change the Start property of the 2nd path in the PathListBox.


This is a property which gets or sets the orientation of the items in the path.

There are two kinds: None (default), and OrientToPath.

Let’s set the first path’s orientation to OrientToPath


And the output is as below.




This is a property which gets or sets, the percentage of the Layoutpath that would participate in the layout.

Let’s make the 3rd path’s span as 50%.


The following is the output of the above change.


And 50% of the 3rd path is not participated in the layout.


Hope this article helps.