Making An Image SlideShow In WPF – Part I

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Image Slideshow is a module in my Movie Database application. I found it very interesting so I would like to share with you. In this article we will see how can we make an image slideshow with some animation and all.

Preview of Movie Database Application

The following screenshots are from my Movie Database application.

The above screenshot displays as to Create an XML Database or to Attach a Backup XML Database.

I have a back up of my XML Database, so I am attaching it.

After the movie database is loaded the application will load data on to it.

Now I won’t explain the rest of the features of the application. Let’s just point to the Other Slide Shows Tab where I have different Slideshow views.

As you see there are two Icons, yes I have created two Slideshows.

The first one is a normal slideshow with a little bit of animation, but we will not discuss about it. I am just putting the Screenshot. We will make the next Slideshow as part of this article series.

Now we will create the other slideshow which will look something like following:

First we need to have a ListBox that would display 10 images at a time.

As you see above we have custom ItemsPanel, let’s see how the panel is customized.

The above ItemPanelTemplate contains a VirtualizingStackPanel which is of Horizontal Orientation.

Now we will see how ItemContainer Style is made.

In the next part we will see how we have added Next and Previous Buttons and animations related to it.

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